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Victoria Heath MSc Cert.Ed

Introduction to Vicky: 

Vicky has over 25 years of extensive experience within education. Her experience includes working as a consultant where she demonstrated significant impact on student achievement and progression while also improving the quality of teaching and learning within a variety of education establishments. A significant part of her consultancy roles included supporting senior management and designing key policies which would affect positive change across organisations. She also has experience working as an educational psychologist where she sees an integral part of her role to be supporting, guiding, and nurturing senior management. She is also the Programme Director at Critical Thinkers. 

Course Overview: 

These one to one coaching sessions, will aim to support, nurture and inspire leaders within education. The coaching will offer a compassionate approach to strategies to support senior staff, with a strong focus on emotional needs, with a particular focus on the following:

  • Improving wellbeing, performance, skills, coping attitudes and self-regulation.

  • Engage in a confidential space that is their own, helping to reduce the weight of absolute responsibility and accountability  

  • Find healthy ways to address the demands of the job  

  • Explore their strengths, core values and needs  


Course Format: 

60 minute, one to one weekly video calls.

Who is the course for? 

Course is for the School Leadership Team

Course cost:


6 sessions over 45 days at £1,500 or 12 sessions over 90 days at £2,900  

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