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Social Mission

A social enterprise is a business that has a core mission to help tackle the world’s social and/or environmental challenges. At Critical Thinkers, we certainly have a mission.

We are committed to empowering the next generation to become more resilient, emotionally intelligent and, of course, more effective critical thinkers. We all face at least some challenge and adversity in our lifetimes, and so at Critical Thinkers, we are striving to help young people be better prepared to manage the stresses life throws at them and to become more effective decision makers. This, in turn, will help better prepare them for the 21st century workplace and a more fulfilling life.

Studying Together

To this end, a minimum 50% of Critical Thinkers’ profits will go towards the following initiatives:


  • A range of videos and resources will be commissioned and made freely available to anyone interested in developing their resilience, emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills.

  • A dedicated parent section on our website, designed to support guardians to nurture their child’s development, will be made freely available to disadvantaged families, such as those supported by pupil premium or similar schemes. 

  • Free dedicated courses and resources will be made available to help those who are neurodivergent, to help reach their full potential. Neurodiversity can include conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia and autism. Whilst many who have such conditions often struggle with everyday life tasks and interactions, they can also be very creative and excellent lateral thinkers. These qualities often result in becoming more effective at critical thinkers, which is especially true if given the right environment and opportunities to flourish. There is a wide body of literature that supports the view that such neurological conditions are a result of normal variations in the human genome and, in many cases, should not be considered a disorder or impairment, rather a social category on a par with gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Essentially, many with such conditions simply view and process the world differently; it has nothing to do with low intelligence. In fact, in many cases, it is quite the opposite, which is why several of the world’s most successful people are in fact neurodivergent. This is an area that is close to our founder’s heart, as he himself struggles and benefits from having ADHD and dyslexia.   

  • A programme that supports promising start up proposals, from those aged 18 – 24 years. We will offer support through grants and business mentorship.

  • Academic research aligned with our Critical Thinkers mission.

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