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Ruth Sequeira BSc MBACP.

Introduction to Ruth: 

Ruth Sequeira is a BAMBA registered Mindfulness Teacher & Supervisor and is a BACP Accredited Psychological Therapist who has worked in CAMHS, the Education sector and privately for over 15 years. 

Course Overview: 

Mindfulness Courses take us on a journey to increase self awareness, increase our familiarity with the more unhelpful patterns in our minds, and increase our ability to enjoy our lives and act in accordance with what really matters to us.  In doing so, mindfulness practices support us to reduce unhelpful stress, improve emotional regulation, mood and wellbeing and also have positive effects on relationships, physical health, sleep, concentration and self esteem.


Mindfulness Courses are experiential, interactive and engaging.  In a school environment, research has indicated that taking a Mindfulness Course has positive effects on staff stress, creativity, productivity and absence due to sickness. Mindfulness practices with parents and carers have a positive effect on parenting stress and family functioning, including management of child behaviour.  In adolescents, mindfulness can improve emotional regulation, mood, anxiety, insight, confidence, exam performance and general wellbeing. 

Online Course Package Details:

6 session course from 8th June to 13th July. The session will take place on Tuesdays at 5 - 6.30pm. 

Maximum 15 delegates.


Course Format: 

All courses delivered online using zoom and include participant coursebooks and lifetime access to audio recordings to support ongoing mindfulness practice.

Who is the course for? 

6 week Mindfulness Courses are available for teachers and parents/carers. Longer courses and taster workshops are also available.

Course cost: 

6 x 1.5 hr weekly Mindfulness Course for up to 15 adults (staff or parents): £1700 per group

6 x 45 minute weekly Mindfulness Course for up to 15 adolescents: £1200 per group

1 ¼  hr x Mindfulness taster session for staff = £360 per group

Online course package: £200 per person


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