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Teaching Resources

Check out out our quickly expanding range of classroom activities. Brought to you by our team of experts, these resources can be used in your classroom to support the teaching of core skills, like critical thinking. 

Is there a classroom resource you are need of?

We are always looking for new content ideas, so if you have a lesson you want supported or a resource you think our community need then please contact us to let us know!

Critical Thinking Questions

One of the best ways to encourage critical thinking is by asking excellent questions. Check out this critical thinking questions table pact full of questions that can be used to encourage students to think deeply and critically about the world and understand the logical connection between ideas.


Self Regulation Scripts

Designed for both teachers and learners, these scripts are a guide to help students think. The scripts can be used throughout the day and really go a long way to encourage critical thinking in any subject's classroom.  


Thinking Like a Geographer Classroom Poster

"To think like a geographer you must be able to..." This bright, innovative classroom poster finishes off this sentence. It is perfect for getting your students to really think about everything that goes into thinking like a geographer, from asking questions, to analysing information and everything in between.

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