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Research Notice Board

Welcome to the research notice board.


As Critical Thinkers develops, we will be adding information here on research we are supporting, along with details on how your school might wish to get involved to benefit your school community.


The Effect of Misinformation in Children and Adolescents

We are researchers from the University of Exeter's Developmental Intergroup Processes (DIP) Lab, doing various projects involving children and adolescents, ranging from 8-18 years old. Our research focuses on key issues affecting the world such as teenagers' thoughts and feelings about COVID-19 rules and the spread of misinformation. We are hoping to get in touch with any schools that may be interested in getting involved in research projects in return for various benefits such as:

  • Amazon vouchers of up to £200 per school 

  • Tailored report of findings which can be used for the next OFSTED/equivalent inspection

  • Opportunity for older students (aged 15-18) interested in pursuing Psychology/Social Science to attend Q&A's with members of our team (from undergraduate researchers to PhD researchers) which they could use towards their UCAS application

To get involved or discuss further, please get in touch with researcher Aqsa Farooq at

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