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Primary School Award

Critical Thinkers' new Introductory Award is designed to support students’ development of essential skills in preparation for secondary school and beyond.
The Introductory Award is an initiative suitable throughout the year, but perfect for post SAT's activity, providing teachers and students a meaningful focus which is fun and rewarding. Specifically, the skills students will develop during the Award will be invaluable for their transition to secondary school.
The Award enables students to enhance their flexibility and learning by becoming better at problem solving, expressing their ideas and adapting to change. They also provide transferable skills for the future and the world of work, including collaboration, goal setting, resilience, emotional intelligence and critical thinking. Completing this award will encourage independent learning and will develop children from all backgrounds and abilities.


The specification and resources supporting the facilitation of the Award have been developed by a team of educational psychologists and experienced primary school teachers. The resources schools receive are designed for a three-week period, and have been developed to complement the facilitation of the award.
The Introductory Award is designed as an introduction to the skills further developed in our Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, which are available for facilitation at secondary schools.

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Introductory Award:

To achieve the Introductory Award, young people will need to gather evidence for their Student Portfolios for the following units: 


Unit 1. Inquiry

Unit 2. Worldview

Unit 3. Emotional Intelligence


Evidence and Assessment

Young people complete an individual Student Portfolio by collecting evidence of their journey and skills development that are mapped to the competencies covered in the Award. Once students have completed their Student Portfolio, it is assessed internally by the Assessor at their school. An external Critical Thinkers Moderator then validates this assessment through a supportive moderation process.


There are three units that need to be explored in order to achieve the award. The award cannot be achieved without completing each unit.

Familiarise yourself with the specification of the award here. 


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