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Below, you can discover our range of webinars and online courses. Our team of experts brings you a range of materials, from detailed CPD to free introductory courses. We are constantly adding to this hub of free online content that we hope you find really useful!

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Improving Staff Wellbeing by Dr Gillian Shotton

During this session, Gillian, a highly experienced Educational Psychologist, will provide an overview of the need to support teacher wellbeing and introduce some of the key skills and techniques that have been proven to improve people’s well-being and effectiveness.


The session aims to inspire delegates to start their journey towards reducing unhelpful thoughts and feelings (such as worry, low mood, self-doubt and irritation), and more effectively pursue your personally valued life goals.


The session introduces some of the main themes covered in Gillian’s paid courses, of which more information is available here.

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Live Q&A Session: Building Resilience and Improving Wellbeing in Schools

This webinar helps you understand why resilience matters and how to develop it in children and young people and the systems around them. 

We facilitated a discussion with our expert panel of experienced psychologists and education specialists. They explored effective, practical strategies that can support young people to build resilience, and move towards improved positive wellbeing. 

What is Worldview? How can it be embedded into teaching sessions?

Are you a secondary teacher wishing to improve your understanding of worldview?


This 25-minute CPD video will be offer practical strategies to explore worldview within your classroom. You will learn what worldview is; identify the need for a worldview; explore identify formation; and will learn some strategies you can utilise within your classroom.

Introducing the 3 R Principles by Karen Corfield

With over 20 years’ experience as an assistant head teacher, pastoral deputy and newly qualified teacher mentor, Karen will be offering a free webinar outlining the 3 R Principles, a unique programme focussing on Respect, Resilience and Relationships.

This session will provide some top tips to use back in the classroom, whilst outlining the rationale for those interested in the more detailed paid programme, where you will explore the benefits to both teachers and students of being that “Teacher Champion”. 

Respect, Resilience and Relationships have never been more important than they are right now and this programme looks at strategies to support all those involved with students to ensure that they are equipped with the skills needed to be resilient, emotionally intelligent young adults.

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How to Improve Critical Thinking In The Classroom

We are pleased to offer you this free CPD session, the first in our online Critical Thinking CPD series.

This session includes an insightful overview, fascinating top tips and some superb strategies to implement into your classroom. Don't forget to give us your details so we can send you your CPD certificate!

How to Improve Students' Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Skills

This 40-minute session is for teachers wishing to improve their students' intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.


You will learn all about emotional intelligence, as well as about positive psychology, how to reduce negative emotions with mindfulness and the idea of having a growth mindset.


The session also explores neuroplasticity and possible interventions to improve emotional intelligence. The session also gives practical strategies which aim to improve students' emotional intelligence in the classroom.