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Course Topics

The aim of our courses and support will be to help schools introduce and implement the following skills to their students and wider school community. This will enable the next generation to develop their emotional intelligence, resilience and in turn, their deep critical thinking skills:

1. Understanding the psychology of purpose, setting goals and embracing and understanding the benefits of stress/challenge. Appreciating that not all stress is bad and is often needed in order to feel a sense of meaning and achievement.

2. Adopting a growth mind-set, taking calculated risks and the importance of breaking comfort zones.

3. Review of personality types and how they influence our view of the world, motivation and relationships with others.

4. Learning the key tools behind cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), so people learn to call themselves out and think more critically.

5. Developing emotional intelligence with a particular focus on positive psychology, listening skills, empathy, self-regulation, mindfulness, self-awareness, confidence, managing conflict, defensiveness and collaborative negotiation.

6. A look at what is taught in marketing and journalism courses so to increase viewer engagement in both traditional and social media. Plus, how to critically review news sources, whilst keeping emotions in check.

7. Understanding the positive and negative impacts of groupthink, cognitive bias, tribalism, polarisation and “call out culture.”

8. The benefits of exercise, sleep and healthy eating and how this can have significant benefits towards your emotional wellbeing.

9. Neuroscience and its relationship with much of the above.

10. Managing and implementing cultural change in schools

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