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Building Emotional Resilience & Critical Thinking Through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Based Skills

Traditionally, CBT has been highly effective in helping to treat anxiety and depression. However, more recently, several top psychologists argue that teaching CBT in schools can act as a preventive measure to such conditions, whilst also enhancing critical thinking skills.


By learning techniques to spot your distorted thoughts, you can identify catastrophising, mind-reading, labelling, blaming and black-and-white thinking. Essentially, you learn to think critically, problem solve and, in a sense, call yourself out when your mind is distorting the truth or making misinformed assumptions. During this webinar, Gemma Laming, a psychotherapist who practises low intensity CBT, will explore how developing such skills lay the foundations for a resilient mindset and deep critical thinking. Gemma will also offer various tips for introducing CBT skills within the school and classroom environment.

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