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We are a fast growing team of psychologists, teachers and social entrepreneurs, with the mission of supporting you and your school to develop the next generation’s resilience, emotional intelligence and deep critical thinking skills

Gone are the days where it is enough for students to simply memorise facts or specific skills that can later be applied in the workplace. Times are changing faster than ever before and experts warn that advances in technology will make many traditional jobs obsolete. Modern jobs will require a desire for continuous learning, creativity, problem solving and challenge. Hence, developing one’s resilience, emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills has never been more important.

The mass shutdowns across the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic have caused a multitude of complex problems. It is a live example of the type of thinking and resilience young people will need in order to navigate the uncertainties they will undoubtedly face when they come of age.

While many teaching professionals are fully aware of the need to develop their students' critical thinking, such skills are notoriously difficult to teach. Consequently, a lack of such skills is widely recognised as one of the biggest barriers facing school leavers when progressing to university and the workplace.

It is important to acknowledge a lot of positive progress has been made to help close the gap, yet, few existing critical thinking initiatives focus on how our emotions can have a profound impact on our ability to think critically and construct truly objective views, especially on emotive topics or ideas which form part of our identity and feeling of self-worth.

To help further close the gap, we have developed The Critical Thinkers Award, alongside building a comprehensive range of online courses and resources to help support students, their parents / guardians, teaching staff and school leadership.

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